La nostra cantina

Here we have selected the oldest primitivo saplings and, bunch by bunch, all our grapes are handpicked and brought intact and healthy to the cellar; where they are then handed over to our expert winemakers, in charge of the scrupulous vinification and aging and prepare it for a long bottle life. The strength of our wines comes from the ability to dose the three main ingredients of the Salento wine tradition: Sun, sea and passion.

Cantina Sava: sun, sea and passion. Cantina Sava: sun, sea and passion. Cantina Sava: sun, sea and passion. Cantina Sava: sun, sea and passion. Cantina Sava: sun, sea and passion. Cantina Sava: sun, sea and passion.
The terroir
In the Sava area, the climate is typically Mediterranean with long, hot summers, but constantly influenced by sea breezes from two seas, which cool the vineyards. Here the area is predominantly flat and characterized by brick-red soils rich in iron oxides from the underlying limestone that give our wines great aromatic complexity.

Our wines

Our wines

Poggio Pasano Malvasia Nera Salento IGP

Our vineyards grow in a warm and dry area of Salento Peninsula where the clay limestone soil helps to stay cooler and retain water during the very hot summer season. The beauty and the elegance of this vines come from the thermic excursion between day and night.

Poggio Pasano Negroamaro Puglia IGP

The area of Puglia offers the perfect environment for ripening grapes as well as olive trees and wheat fields that coexist with vineyards in this agricultural centre. Sandy and clay soils, bright sunshine and crisp sea breezes combine to the early ripening and extend hang time is the result of a our sophisticated Negroamaro with aromatics and vibrant acidity.

Poggio Pasano Primitivo Puglia IGP

This variety owes its name to its early ripening; Primitivo comes from the Latin “primativus” which means “early ripening”. The Primitivo vine is averagely vigorous and matures early, giving low-medium yields. Our grapes grow in the vast territory of Manduria on red and clay soil.

Campo V Primitivo di Manduria DOP

Primitivo di Manduria wine is the most representative ambassador of Puglia. Our grapes are carefully selected from the low-yielding bush vines “albarelli” of over 60 years and grow in a red soil rich in iron oxides upon a layer of calcareous rock. The combination of these elements creates a wine that can enrich the tasting experience beyond the most ambitious expectations.

Ritardatario Primitivo di Manduria DOP

Our grapes are located in one of the most fascinating areas of the Alto Salento, between Sava and Manduria, in the heart of the production area of Primitivo di Manduria. The warmth of the sun and the proximity to the Ionian Sea are the most important factors for the production of Primitivo di Manduria. This land gives life to the typical bush vines, “albarello” of over 30 years which give to the wine a unique aromatic characteristic.

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