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To reach the best, an uncontaminated territory, a continental climate and large temperature ranges are not enough; it is important to grow vines that can best adapt to the extreme conditions, such as Monastrell and Garnacha Tintorera. These heroic vineyards with very low yields are pampered by the wise work of farmers who have preserved the art of cultivation in full respect of nature for generations

Heroic vinesHeroic vinesHeroic vinesHeroic vinesHeroic vinesHeroic vines
The terroir
Our winery is located in the highest and noblest part of the Castilla La Mancha region, near the city of Albacete. A magical area consisting of a plateau ranging from 700 to 900 metres above sea level characterised by a continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers, short and dry. The particular climatic conditions, the altitude and the strong temperature fluctuations have allowed only the most heroic vines to survive and adapt perfectly. Here we have free-standing bush-trained vineyards over 80 years old with very low yields per hectare but very high quality.

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Our wines

Our wines

Alto Las Rocas Verdejo - Sauvignon Blanc

Our vineyards are located in the Southeastern part of Spain, between 700 and 800 meters above sea level, in the inland of Albacete. The weather here is mild and dry with a perfect temperature range between day and night. The vines are cultivated on the steep slopes of low fertility soil composed by reddish-brown sandy clay soil, rich in limestone and chalk, ideal for growing healthy, high-quality grapes.

Cueva del Viento Verdejo DO Almansa

The vineyards are strictly selected by our winemaker’s team in order to achieve the highest quality of the grapes. Strong focus on canopy and vineyards management to get low yield and healthy vines. Harvest is done, mechanically, on early morning, before dawn, to preserve the berries from oxidation and to guarantee the best aromatic complexity.

Alto Las Rocas Tempranillo Rosado Vino Varietal

Our vines are situated on the steep slopes of Alpera, where the vineyards overlook the valley, where the soil is perfect for growing high-quality grapes rich in fruitiness and aromas.

Alto Las Rocas Tempranillo - Syrah Vino Varietal

Our vineyards are situated between 650 and 700 meters above sea level and benefit from the cool breeze coming from the mountains. The perfect exposure and the presence of chalk and limestone in the soil make the perfect environment for high quality grapes.

Cueva del Viento Monastrell DO Almansa

In the uncontaminated territory of Los Pandos, a generous land hosts our old vineyards inherited from a millenary tradition. A pure blue sky and perfect microclimate with important thermic excursions even in the hottest months, the right conditions are created this outstanding aromatic structure and perfect balance in acidity.